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Abstract Categories

SITC is now accepting abstracts in 25 categories with a variety of keyword tags to choose from. If you do not see a category that adequately reflects your abstract, simply select “other” during the submission process.


Adoptive Immunotherapy Immune Suppression
Animal Models Immunogenomics and Oncogenetics
Basic Immunology Innate Immunity
Biomarkers Mechanisms and Responses to Immune Therapy
CARs and T cell Receptor Trasduction New Insight into T Cell Function
Cutting-Edge Clinical Trails Oncolytic Viruses
Clinical Studies Optimizing Combination Immunotherapy
Clinical Trials in Progress* Other
Coinhibition and Costimulation Precision Immunology
Dendritic Cells Tumor Imaging
High Throughput Technologies Tumor Microenvironment
Immune Modulation, Cytokines, Antibodies, and Immune Receptors Vaccines
Immune Monitoring  

*More specific guidelines on Clinical Trials in Progress abstracts can be found here.


Adoptive Immunotherapy Coinhibition Inflammation Solid tumors
Angiogenesis Cytokine Leukemia/Lympohma Surgery
Antibody Dendritic cell Monocyte/Macrophage Systems biology
Antigen Presenting Cells Epidemiology Myeloid cells T cell
Autoimmunity Gene expression MDSC T cell lineages
B cell Genetic polymorphism Metabolism Targeted therapy
Bioinformatics Granulocyte Microbiome Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)
CAR T cells Immune adjuvant Neoantigens TLR
Carcinogenesis Immune contexture NK/NKT cell Tumor antigens
Checkpoint blockade Immune monitoring Pediatric tumors Tumor evasion
Chemokine Immune suppression Proteomics Tumor microenvironment
Chemotherapy Immune tolerance Radiotherapy Tumor stroma
Clinical trial Immune toxicity Regulatory T cell (Treg cell) Vaccine
Costimulation Immunoscore Stem cell/cancer-initiating cell  


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