Workshop Abstracts

New this year SITC accepted abstracts for the Workshop on Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy. Submitting an abstract for the Workshop was free to members and non-members alike, so all were encouraged to submit. Accepted Workshop abstracts were published in the Workshop Syllabus, which was available on-site the day of the program and can be accessed here. Three submitted abstracts were selected by Workshop organizers for oral presentations. Workshop abstract authors were not be eligible for Annual Meeting or Presidential Travel Awards.

Workshop Abstract Submission Categories Included:

  • New Sequencing Technology/Validation of Mutation Data/Bioinformatics
  • Genomic Instability and Mutations in Different Cancers
  • What to do with a T cell Epitope Once You Have It
  • Matching Individual Patients to Optimal Immunotherapy

Guidelines for Authors

Abstracts submitted for the Workshop on Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy should:

  • Fall under one of the four submission categories stated above
  • Discuss the problems and issues in the specified category and include potential solutions
  • Have a primary emphasis on exciting new data
  • Consist of approximately 200 words not including title, authors or institutions.

Authors submitting abstracts agreed to the following:

  • Serve as the contact author for all correspondence about the abstract and inform co-authors about its status.
  • Confirm all authors are aware of and agree to the content presented in the abstract.
  • Verify the abstract is accurate and that permission has been obtained from all relevant parties.
  • Provide and verify that the disclosure provided with the abstract for the presenting author is accurate.

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