Poster Guidelines and Presentation Information

To allow maximum display/presentation time for all posters, the poster display size was up to 1 meter x 1 meter (3.3 ft x 3.3 ft).

Poster Hall Location
Prince George's Exhibit Hall E - Conference Center

Poster Numbers

Adoptive Immunotherapy 1-40
Antibody Recognition to Engage Cells of the Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems (Antibody Dependent Cell-Medi­ated Cytotoxicity: ADCC)   41-49
Biomarkers & Immunoscoring   50-76
Combination Approach in Cancer 77-104
Immune Monitoring* 105-127
Immunotherapy in Combination with Radiation Therapy* 128-134
The Impact of Systems Biology on Immunotherapy* 135-138
Metabolism and Immunity 139-143
Novel Agents for Delivering Immunotherapy* 144-163
Tumor Escape, Immune Editing and Role of Immune System in Preventing Oncogenesis* 164-167
Tumor Immune Resistance and Overcoming It 168-202
Tumor Microenvironment and Innate Cells Recognition 203-222
Vaccines 223-269

 * Denotes poster only category.                                                                                          

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