SITC 2016 Annual Meeting & Associated Programs
SITC 2016 Annual Meeting & Associated Programs

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC)

2016 Annual Meeting & Associated Programs

Abstract Categories


Adoptive Cellular Therapy

Biomarkers and Immune Monitoring

Bispecific Antibodies

Clinical Trials in Progress

Clinical Trials: Cutting-Edge (Completed Trials)

Combinations: Immunotherapy/Immunotherapy

Combinations: Immunotherapy/Standard of Care

Coinhibition and Costimulation

Diet, Exercise and/or Stress and Impact on the Immune System

Immune Metabolism

Immune-related Adverse Event Management: Evidence Based Strategies and Clinical Care

Immunogenomics and Oncogenetics

Inflammation, Innate Immunity, and the Microbiome

Oncolytic Viruses

Patient experience: Patient Education Regarding Immunotherapies

Pharmacy Management: Improving Treatment Administration & Management; Polypharmacy

Promoting and Measuring Anti-Tumor Immunity

Staff Education: Improving Quality Care for Patients Receiving Immunotherapies

Survivorship Issues Related to Immunotherapy

Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines

Tumor Microenvironment



All accepted submissions are eligible for oral presentation consideration unless otherwise noted by the submitting author


2016 Annual Meeting
2016 Annual Meeting
2016 Annual Meeting
2016 Annual Meeting
2016 Annual Meeting

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