Early Career Scientist Events

The SITC Committee for Early Career Scientists planned the following events for young investigators defined as students; post doctoral fellows-in-training and early career professionals in academia, industry and regulatory agencies.

"Meet-the-Expert" Breakfasts

Saturday, November 5, 2011
7:00 am-7:45am

The SITC “Meet-the-Expert” Breakfasts focused on the unique issues related to the career development of early career scientists.  Key leaders in the field facilitated small round table discussions on topics of interest.  Those attending the breakfast had the opportunity to pose discussion questions in advance to which the experts provided responses and led informal dialogues to help provide guidance and direction.

Breakfast Topic

Developing Successful Collaborations
Leader: Dolores Schendel, PhD
              Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen -
             German Research Center for
             Environmental Health

  Publishing Papers
Leader:  Francesco Marincola, MD
               National Institutes of Health


Finding Your Niche
Leader: Bernard A. Fox, PhD
             Earle A. Chiles Research Institute

 Translational Research
Leader:  Paul M. Sondel, MD, PhD
              University of Wisconsin

Grant Writing
Leader: Lisa H. Butterfield, PhD
              University of Pittsburgh

Work-Life Balance
Leader: Charles G. Drake, MD, PhD
             Johns Hopkins University

Managing a Research Lab
Leader: William J. Murphy, PhD
             University of California- Davis


Program Goals:                

  1. Assemble key constituents, produce scientifically significant discussions and provide information regarding issues relevant to the career development of students and early career scientists.
  2. Provide students and early career scientists with an opportunity to meet key experts in the field and facilitate interactions in a small-group setting and through a Q & A forum.
  3. Foster the mentoring of students and early career scientists on the state of research in today's environment through expert guidance on timely and relevant topics.
  4. Educate students and early career scientists and provide them with the valuable perspective of senior investigators.

Intended Outcomes:       

Upon completion of these breakfast roundtables, participants will:

  1. Locate resources available that will facilitate career development related to grant writing, finding one’s niche, publishing papers, collaborations, translational research, and/or testing one’s hypothesis.
  2. Develop a framework for action, with an understanding of the complexities and potential pitfalls related to the key issue under discussion.
  3. Summarize answers provided by experts in the field to specific questions related to the career development topic.
  4. Implement improved processes of communication between students and early career scientists and established researchers and experts.
Evening Networking Event

Friday, November 4, 2011
8:00pm - Meet at registration desk

To facilitate networking and collaboration among students and early career scientists attending the SITC meeting, a group gathered to socialize with peers at an informal networking event held on Friday evening.


Early Career Scientist Committee

To get involved or for more information on the activities of the SITC Early Career Scientist Committee, please contact Jennifer Warren at the SITC office at 414-271-2456 or info@sitcancer.org.