iSBTc 20th Annual Meeting

Session & Abstract Topics

  • Overcoming Immunosuppression / Tolerance in Cancer Patients (may include: regulatory T cells, tumor induced tolerance, chemotherapy for modulation of immunosuppression, soluble mediators of tolerance, breaking tolerance, and immune escape)
  • New Agents in Development
  • Immune Monitoring
  • Cytokines: Biology and Therapeutics
  • Novel Approaches to Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Genomics / Proteomics of Tumors and the Host Response (may include: classification of tumors, prediction of tumor behavior, prediction of response to therapies and outcomes, and elucidation of new therapeutic targets)
  • Cellular Therapies for Solid and Liquid Tumors
  • Signal Transduction Inhibitors (may include: small molecules, RNA interference, monoclonal antibodies, and combined modality therapies)
  • Turning Immunization into Tumor Regression: Obstacles and Strategies (may include: cancer vaccines, approaches to boost immune responses to vaccines, and combinations of cancer vaccines with other cancer therapy)
  • Natural Killer Cells and Innate Immunity
  • Angiogenesis