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All accepted abstracts will be available in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC).

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Onsite posters will be presented in the Poster Hall at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. All odd numbered posters will be presented on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021. Even numbered posters will be presented Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021.


ePosters will be on display on the SITC 2021 virtual meeting platform from 7 a.m. EST on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021 until the virtual meeting platform is closed on Jan. 9, 2022.

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802 Poster Presentation An electronic health record-based approach to identify and characterize patients with immune checkpoint inhibitor-associated arthritis Steven Tran, BS; Luke Rasmussen, MS; Jennifer Pacheco, MS; Carlos Galvez, MD; Kyle Tegtmeyer, MD; Yuan Luo, PhD; Jeffrey A. Sosman, MD; Abel Kho, MD; Theresa Walunas, PhD, MS Immunotherapy Toxicities Checkpoint blockade;Immune toxicity
803 Poster Presentation Immune-related adverse events correlate with improved outcomes in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with combinations of immune-checkpoint inhibitors and chemotherapy Lindsey Shantzer, MD; Sean C. Dougherty, MD; Wendy Novicoff, PhD; John W. Melson, MD; Daniel R. Reed, MD; Alia C. Lynch, PharmD; Ryan D. Gentzler, MD, MS; Richard D. Hall, MD, MS Immunotherapy Toxicities Chemotherapy;Immune toxicity;Solid tumors
804 Poster Presentation Real-world incidence and impact of pneumonitis in lung cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors Bruce C. Tiu, BS; Leyre Zubiri; James Iheke; Vartan Pahalyants, MD, MBA; Nicholas Theodosakis, MD; Pearl O. Ugwu-Dike; Jayhyun Seo; Kimberly Tang; Ryan J. Sullivan, MD; Meghan J. Mooradian, MD; Yevgeniy R. Semenov, MD; Kerry L. Reynolds, MD Immunotherapy Toxicities Checkpoint blockade;Clinical study;Epidemiology;Immune toxicity;Solid tumors;T cell;Targeted therapy
805 Oral Presentation Clonal, activated CD8+ T cells recognizing cardiac alpha-myosin drive immune checkpoint inhibitor associated myocarditis in mice Margaret L. Axelrod, BS; Wouter C. Meijers, MD,PhD; Elie Tannous, MD; Xiaopeng Sun, BS; Juan Qin, PhD; Ayaka Sugiura, BS; Elizabeth Wescott, BS; Elles M. Screever, BS; Spencer C. Wei, PhD; Susan Opalenik, BS, PhD; Yueli Zhang; Douglas B. Johnson, M.D.; James P. Allison, PhD; Javid Moslehi; Justin M. Balko, PhD, PharmD Immunotherapy Toxicities Autoimmunity;Checkpoint blockade;Immune tolerance;Immune toxicity;Inflammation;Neoantigens;T cell;Tumor antigens
806 Oral Presentation PD-1 blockade affects inflammation and metabolic flexibility to potentially mediate cardiac immune-related adverse events Steven M. Bronson, DVM; Elizabeth R. Stirling, MS; Brian Westwood, MS; Pierre L. Triozzi; David R. Soto-Pantoja, PhD Immunotherapy Toxicities Checkpoint blockade;Immune toxicity;Inflammation;Metabolism
807 Poster Presentation Immunotherapy Related Adverse Events: A Single Center Experience Wei Yang, MD; Sophia Lee, MD; Julie Rowe, MD; Jing Zhang; Mohammad Rahbar Immunotherapy Toxicities Chemotherapy;Immune toxicity
808 Poster Presentation Tertiary lymphoid structure gene signature detected in immune checkpoint inhibitor-associated renal immune related adverse event Jamie S. Lin, MD; Amanda Tchakarov; Noha Abdel-Wahab; Houssein Safa, MD; Salah-Eddine Bentebibel; Maen Abdelrahim, MD, PhD; Cassian Yee, MD; Adi Diab, MD; Ala Abudayyeh, MD Immunotherapy Toxicities Checkpoint blockade;Gene expression;Immune toxicity
810 Poster Presentation Impact of immune-related adverse event development on overall survival in hospitalized lung cancer patients Eric Olson, MD; Greg Russell; Jeffrey Lantz, DO; Andy Dothard, MD; Vanya Aggarwal, MD; Thomas W. Lycan, Jr., DO Immunotherapy Toxicities Checkpoint blockade;Immune monitoring;Immune toxicity;Solid tumors
811 Poster Presentation Allelic variation in Human Leukocyte Antigen class II genes is associated with pneumonitis risk in cancer patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors Ashis Saha, PhD; Christine N. Spencer, PhD; Zia Khan, PhD; Jonathan Carroll, PhD; Claudia Yanez Arellano; Julie Hunkapiller, PhD; Nicholas L. Bayless; Leonardo Nissola, MD; Roslyn Wallace, MBBS; Ira Mellman; Rajat Mohindra, MD; Samantha Bucktrout, PhD; Shahneen Sandhu, MBBS FRACP; G. Scott Chandler, MD; Christian Hammer, PhD Immunotherapy Toxicities Antigen presenting cells;Checkpoint blockade;Genetic polymorphism;Immune toxicity;Solid tumors;Systems biology;T cell
812 Poster Presentation Erythema nodosum-like toxicity in an immunotherapy treated patient is accompanied by oligoclonal memory activated CD4 T cells Xiaopeng Sun, BS; Margaret L. Axelrod, BS; Yu Wang, PhD; Sanchez Violeta; Paula I. Gonzalez-Ericsson, MD; Douglas B. Johnson, M.D.; Justin M. Balko, PhD, PharmD Immunotherapy Toxicities Checkpoint blockade;Immune toxicity;T cell
813 Poster Presentation CD24Fc ameliorates immune-related adverse events while preserving anti-tumor therapeutic effect Mingyue Liu, PhD; Xu Wang; Peng Zhang; Juanjuan Su; Xuexiang Du; Yan Zhang; Yang Liu, PhD; Pan Zheng, MD, PhD Immunotherapy Toxicities Immune toxicity
814 Oral Presentation Cutaneous Immune-related Adverse Events are Protective of Mortality in Patients Treated with anti-PD1 and anti-PDL1 therapy in a multi-institutional cohort study Yevgeniy R. Semenov, MD; Kimberly Tang; Jayhyun Seo; Kerry L. Reynolds, MD; Bruce Tiu; Thomas Le; Vartan Pahalyants; Neel Raval; Pearl O. Ugwu-Dike; Leyre Zubiri; Vivek Naranbhai; Alexander Gusev; Nicole LeBoeuf; Maryam Asgari; Shawn Kwatra Immunotherapy Toxicities Biomarkers;Checkpoint blockade;Immune toxicity
815 Poster Presentation Single-center retrospective cohort of all patients suspected to have immunotherapy-mediated diarrhea and colitis Vanya Aggarwal, MD; Ella M. LePage, M.D.; Andrew Faucheux, M.D.; Hiral S. Patel, M.D.; Gregory B. Russell, M.S.; Eric Olson, MD; Jared J. Rejeski, M.D.; Thomas W. Lycan, Jr., DO Immunotherapy Toxicities Autoimmunity;Checkpoint blockade;Clinical study;Immune monitoring;Immune tolerance;Immune toxicity;Inflammation
816 Poster Presentation Selective Immune Suppression using Interleukin-6 blockade in Immune Related Adverse Events Faisal Fa'ak, MD; Faisal Fa'ak; Chrystia M. Zobniw; Maryam Buni; Linda Lu; Adewunmi Falohun; VanAnh Trinh; Muhammad Osama Awiwi; Khaled M Elsayes; Kaysia Ludford; Maya Dimitrova; Sabina Sandigursky; Amy Cunningham-Bussel; Jeffrey A. Sparks; Osama Abu-Shawer; Uma Thanarajasingam; Ashley M. Zeman; Rafee Talukder; Namrata Singh; Sarah H. Chung; Petros Grivas; May Daher; Ala Abudayyeh; Daniel Johnson; Maria Suarez-Almazor; Osama E. Rahma; Jeffrey S. Weber; Jean Tayar; Adi Diab; Noha Abdel-Wahab Immunotherapy Toxicities Checkpoint blockade;Cytokine;Immune suppression;Immune toxicity
817 Poster Presentation Activated osteoarthritis following immune checkpoint inhibitor treatment: an observational study Pankti Reid, MD, MPH; David F. Liew; Rajshi Akruwala; Anne Bass, MD; Karmela K. Chan, MD Immunotherapy Toxicities Checkpoint blockade;Immune monitoring;Immune toxicity