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All accepted abstracts will be available in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC).

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Onsite Posters

Onsite posters will be presented in the Poster Hall at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. All odd numbered posters will be presented on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021. Even numbered posters will be presented Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021.


ePosters will be on display on the SITC 2021 virtual meeting platform from 7 a.m. EST on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021 until the virtual meeting platform is closed on Jan. 9, 2022.

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682 Poster Presentation PKC Agonism Restricts Innate Immune Suppression, Promotes Antigen Cross-Presentation and Synergizes with Agonistic CD40 Therapy in Breast Cancer Mehdi Chaib, MS; Liza Makowski; John Yarbro; Laura Sipe; Deidre Daria Immune Cell Types Antigen presenting cells;Dendritic cell;Immune suppression;MDSC;Monocyte/Macrophage;Myeloid cells;Solid tumors;T cell;T cell lineages;Tumor microenvironment
683 Oral Presentation Type-I-interferon activates cross-dressed CD11b+ conventional dendritic cells to enhance anti-tumor immunity Ellen Duong, Sc.B.; Timothy Fessenden, Ph.D.; Emi Lutz; Teresa Dinter; Leon Yim; Sarah Blatt; Arjun Bhutkar; K. D. Wittrup; Stefani Spranger, PhD Immune Cell Types Antigen presenting cells;Costimulation;Cytokine;Dendritic cell;Myeloid cells;T cell;Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs);Tumor microenvironment
684 Poster Presentation The in vitro effects of 5-Azacitidine on the immunophenotype of monocyte-derived dendritic cells from patients with higher-risk myelodysplastic syndromes Randy G. Tsai, BS, BA; Hannah Fields, BS; Xinlian Zhang, PhD; Valentina Ferrari, BA; Soo J. Park, MD; Rafael Bejar, MD, PhD; Tiffany Tanaka, MD Immune Cell Types Antigen presenting cells;Dendritic cell
685 Poster Presentation Characterization of molecular and spatial diversity of macrophages in hepatocellular carcinoma Pauline Hamon, PhD; Assaf Magen, PhD; Joel Kim; Mark Buckup; Leanna Troncoso; Steven Hamel; Jessica Le Berichel; Oren Barboy; Eyal David; Alexandra Tabachnikova; Christie Chang; Zhen Zhao; Merav Cohen, PhD; Amir Giladi; Nausicaa Malissen; Fiona Desland; Ido Amit; Ephraim Kenigsberg; Myron E. Schwartz, MD; Thomas U. Marron, MD, PhD; Miriam Merad, MD, PhD Immune Cell Types Antigen presenting cells;Checkpoint blockade;Clinical trial;Dendritic cell;Gene expression;Monocyte/Macrophage;Myeloid cells;Solid tumors;Tumor microenvironment
686 Poster Presentation Characterization of a Novel Compound that Inhibits Peroxynitrite Generation by Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells Gabriella N. Lapurga, BS; Steven H. Sun; Erick Carlson; Himanshu Savardekar, BS; Kari Kendra, MD; Blake Peterson; William E. Carson, III, MD, FACS Immune Cell Types Antibody;Checkpoint blockade;Immune suppression;Inflammation;MDSC;Solid tumors;T cell;Tumor microenvironment
687 Poster Presentation MDSC gene expression analysis in patients with cancer and the response to inhibition of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase Himanshu Savardekar, BS; Carter Allen, BS; Dionisia Quiroga, DO/PhD; Donjun Chung, PhD; Emily Schwarz, BS; Gabriella N. Lapurga, BS; Jami Shaffer, BS; Bradley Blaser, MD/PhD; Matthew Old, MD; Robert Wesolowski, MD; Kari Kendra, MD; William E. Carson, III, MD, FACS Immune Cell Types Bioinformatics;Chemokine;Cytokine;Gene expression;Granulocyte;MDSC;Monocyte/Macrophage;Myeloid cells
688 Poster Presentation Knockout of the inhibitory receptor TIGIT enhances anti-tumor response of ex vivo expanded NK cells Tayler J. Croom-Perez, PhD; Md Faqrul Hasan, Masters; Thomas A. Dieffenthaller; Liza D. Robles-Carrillo; Jonathan E. Eloriaga; Alicja J. Copik, PhD Immune Cell Types Adoptive immunotherapy;NK/NKT cell
689 Poster Presentation Tissue-specific anti-tumor NK cell activation & effector functions Zerick T. Dunbar, MS; Anil Shanker, PhD Immune Cell Types Bioinformatics;Cytokine;NK/NKT cell;Solid tumors;Tumor microenvironment
690 Poster Presentation TIGIT blockade improves anti-tumor activity of ex vivo expanded NK cells Md Faqrul Hasan, Masters; Alicja J. Copik, PhD Immune Cell Types Adoptive immunotherapy;Checkpoint blockade;NK/NKT cell
691 Poster Presentation Identification of shared tumor epitopes from endogenous retroviruses inducing high avidity cytotoxic T cells for cancer immunotherapy Paola Bonaventura, PhD; Vincent Alcazer, MD; Virginie Mutez; Laurie Tonon; Juliette Martin, PhD; Nicolas Chuvin, PhD; Rasha Boulos, PhD; Yann Estornes, PhD; Jenny Valladeau-Guilemond, PhD; Alain Viari, PhD; Christophe Caux, PhD; Stephane Depil, MD, PhD Immune Cell Types Antigen presenting cells;Bioinformatics;Dendritic cell;Neoantigens;Solid tumors;T cell;TLR;Tumor antigens;Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs);Vaccine
692 Poster Presentation Tim-3 expression drives phenotypic and functional changes in Treg in secondary lymphoid organs and the tumor microenvironment, effecting tumor burden. Hridesh d. Banerjee, PhD; Hector Nieves-Rosado, MDPHD(MSTP) candidate; Benjamin M. Murter, BS; Lawrence P. Kane, PHD Immune Cell Types Costimulation;Cytokine;Immune suppression;Metabolism;Regulatory T cell (Treg cell);T cell;T cell lineages;Tumor evasion;Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs);Tumor microenvironment
693 Oral Presentation Mucosal-Associated Invariant T (MAIT) Cell Regulation Networks in Anti-Tumor Immunity Benjamin Ruf, M.D.; Vanessa V. Catania, B.A.; Noemi Kedei, MD; Simon Wabitsch, M.D.; Chi Ma, MD, PhD; Laurence P. Diggs, M.D.; Qianfei Zhang, PhD; Bernd Heinrich, MD; Varun Subramanyam, B.A.; Linda Cui, B.A.; Shunsuke Sakai, PhD; Sangmi Oh, Ph.D.; Merrill K. Stovroff, B.A.; Clifton E. Barry III, Ph.D.; Daniel E. Barber, Ph.D.; Alexander Kroemer, M.D.; Firouzeh Korangy, Ph.D.; Tim F. Greten, MD Immune Cell Types Solid tumors;T cell;TLR;Tumor microenvironment