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All accepted abstracts are available in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC).

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All odd numbered posters will be presented on Wednesday, Nov. 11, from 5:15-5:45 p.m. EST and Friday, Nov. 13, from 4:40-5:10 p.m. EST. Even numbered posters will be presented on Thursday, Nov. 12, from 4:50-5:20 p.m. EST and Saturday, Nov. 14, from 1-1:30 p.m. EST.

Posters will be on display from 8 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 9, until the virtual poster hall closes on December 31, 2020.

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533 Poster Presentation Cross-species immunogenomic analysis identifies pathways of canine natural killer cell response to cytokine therapy, and reveals convergence of activated dog and human natural killer transcriptomes Alicia A. Gingrich, MD; Taylor Reiter; Sean J. Judge, MD, MS; Daniel York; Mio Yanagisawa, MD; Ian R. Sturgill; Rachel Brady; Kevin M. Stoffel, MS; Arta M. Monjazeb, MD, PhD; Robert M. Rebhun, DVM PhD; C. Titus Brown, PhD; Robert J. Canter, MD, MAS, FACS; Immune Cell Types Bioinformatics; Cytokine; Gene expression; NK/NK T cell
534 Poster Presentation Better Immune Profiles on Elderly Colorectal Cancer Patients Correlated With 1 Year Diseases Free Survival (DFS) Budhi Ida Bagus, MD; Metria Ida Bagus; Mastini Ida Ayu Kade; Immune Cell Types Chemotherapy; Immune monitoring; Solid tumors; Surgery
535 Poster Presentation Electroporation of B cells is correlated with cell size change during B cell expansion Jian Chen, PhD; George Sun; Jian Chen, PhD; Immune Cell Types B cell; Gene expression
537 Poster Presentation Conventional type 1 dendritic cells and natural killer cells demonstrate strong correlation to T lymphocyte infiltration in cervical cancer tumors Anushka Dikshit, PhD; Xiao-jun Ma, PhD; Bingqing Zhang, PhD; Anushka Dikshit, PhD; Immune Cell Types Dendritic cell; NK/NK T cell; RNA; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)
539 Oral Presentation High dimensional analysis of the human lymph node during melanoma progression reveals shifts in myeloid content that relate to differential T cell content Anastasia Prokopi, PhD; Marta Lopez-Gonzalez; Jan Verhoeff; Rieneke R. Van de Ven, PhD; Juan J. Garcia-Vallejo, PhD; Patrizia Stoitzner, PhD; Tanja D. de Gruijl, PhD; Immune Cell Types Dendritic cell; Immune suppression; Myeloid cells; Regulatory T cell (Treg cell); T cell
541 Poster Presentation Investigating myeloid derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) and Oligonucleotide based targeting of STAT3 in Renal Cell Carcinoma Marice Alcantara; Dayson F. Moreira, PhD; Chia-Yang Hung, PhD; Chunsong Yu; Dongfang Wang, PhD; JoAnn Hsu, BS; Sumanta K. Pal, MD; Marcin Kortylewski, PhD; Marice Alcantara; Immune Cell Types Checkpoint blockade; Immune monitoring; Immune suppression; MDSC; Myeloid cells; T cell; Tumor microenvironment
542 Poster Presentation Expansion of cytotoxic NK Cells from PBMCs using individualized cytokine combination Andreia Maia, PhD student; Joana R. Lerias, PhD; Markus J. Maeurer, MD, PhD, FRCP(London); Mireia Castillo-Martin, MD, PhD; Andreia Maia, PhD student; Immune Cell Types Adoptive immunotherapy; Cytokine; NK/NK T cell; Tumor evasion
543 Poster Presentation Natural killer cells restrict the growth of liver metastases in nude hosts Alexandra Quackenbush, BS; Pepper Schedin; Immune Cell Types NK/NK T cell; Solid tumors
544 Poster Presentation Multiomic characterization of T-cell populations at the single-cell level utilizing sensitive dextramers and BD® AbSeq on the BD RhapsodyTM Single-Cell Analysis system Kivin Jacobsen, PhD; Cynthia Sakofsky, PhD; Vadir Lopez-Salmeron, PhD; Margaret Nakamoto, PhD; Liselotte Brix, PhD; Stefanie Mortimer; Cynthia Sakofsky, PhD; Immune Cell Types Bioinformatics; Biomarkers; Gene expression; Immune monitoring; Neoantigens; T cell
545 Oral Presentation TUMOR-SPECIFIC CYTOLYTIC CD4 T CELLS MEDIATE PROTECTIVE IMMUNITY AGAINST HUMAN CANCER Amélie Cachot; Mariia Bilous; Yen-Cheng Liu; Xiaokang Li; Alexander Rockinger; Margaux Saillard; Tania Wyss; Philippe Guillaume; Julien Schmidt, PhD; Raphael Genolet; Maria Pia Protti; Walter Reith; Laurence De Leval; Kalliopi Ioannidou; George Coukos, MD, PhD; Alexandre Harari, PhD; Daniel E. Speiser, MD; Alexander Mathis; David Gfeller; Hatice Altug; Pedro J. Romero, MD; Camilla Jandus, MD, PhD; Immune Cell Types Adoptive immunotherapy; Solid tumors; T cell; T cell lineages; Tumor antigens; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor microenvironment
546 Poster Presentation The Differentiation status of Systemic PD1+ CD8 T Cells is Associated with Favorable Outcome to PD1 Blockade Therapy in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Asma Khanniche, PhD; Ying Wang; Immune Cell Types Biomarkers; Checkpoint blockade; T cell
547 Oral Presentation Identification of the immune landscape in penile squamous cell carcinoma using multiplex immunofluorescence and spatial image analysis Rossana N. Lazcano Segura, MD; Santhoshi N. Krishnan; Morgan D. Oneka; Federico Netto; Xin Lu; Priya Rao, MD; Renganayaki K. Pandurengan; Curtis R. Pickering; Curtis A. Pettaway, MD; Jad Chahoud; Edwin R. Parra, MD, PhD; Edwin R. Parra, MD, PhD; Immune Cell Types Immune contexture; Immune suppression; Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor microenvironment
548 Poster Presentation CD8+ Tissue-resident memory T cells are tumour reactive and increase after immunotherapy in a case of metastatic mucosal melanoma Angela Pizzolla, PhD; Simon P. Keam, PhD; Ismael Vergara; Franco Caramia; Minyu Wang; Nikolce Kocovski; ThuNgoc Nguyen; Sean Macdonald; Daniela Tantalo; Pasquale Petrone; Han Xian Aw Yeang; David E. Gyorki; Alison Weppler, MD; George Au-Yeung; Shahneen Sandhu, MBBS FRACP; Maurizio Perdicchio, PhD; Grant A. McArthur, MBBS (Hons), PhD, FRACP, FAHMS; Tony Papenfuss; Paul J. Neeson, PhD; Immune Cell Types Checkpoint blockade; Neoantigens; T cell; T cell lineages; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor microenvironment
549 Oral Presentation Characterizing Double Positive T cells in the Tumor Microenvironment: a tale of promiscuous cell fates Sara Schad, BS; Sara Schad, BS; Andrew Chow, MD, PhD; Heng Pan; Levi M. Mangarin, BS; Roberta Zappasodi, PhD; Mathieu Gigoux, PhD; David Redmond; Daniel Hirschhorn-Cymerman, PhD; Sadna Budhu, PhD; Hong Zhong, BS; Xia Yang; Olivier Elemento, PhD; Jedd D. Wolchok, MD, PhD; Taha Merghoub, PhD; Immune Cell Types Adoptive immunotherapy; CAR T cells; Gene expression; Regulatory T cell (Treg cell); Solid tumors; T cell; T cell lineages; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor microenvironment