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All accepted abstracts will be available in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (JITC).

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Onsite Posters

Onsite posters will be presented in the Poster Hall at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. All odd numbered posters will be presented on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021. Even numbered posters will be presented Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021.


ePosters will be on display on the SITC 2021 virtual meeting platform from 7 a.m. EST on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021 until the virtual meeting platform is closed on Jan. 9, 2022.

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8 Poster Presentation Multiparameter characterization of CAR T cells Xueting Wang, M.Sc.; Christina Pitzka; Daniela Rheindorf; Nadine Mockel-Tenbrinck; Tatjana Holzer, PhD; Anne Richter, PhD; Toni Cathomen, PhD; Cesar Evaristo, PhD Biomarkers, Immune Monitoring, and Novel Technologies Adoptive immunotherapy;Biomarkers;CAR T cells;Costimulation;COVID and Immunotherapy;Immune monitoring;Immune tolerance;Leukemia/Lymphoma;Tumor evasion;Tumor microenvironment
36 Poster Presentation Digital Whole Slide Image (WSI) Scoring is Equivalent to Microscope Glass Slide Scoring for Evaluation of Programmed Death-Ligand 1 (PD-L1) Expression Across Multiple Tumor Indications Micki Adams, BS; Deanna Moquin, BS; Joshua Littrell, BA; Jay Milo, M.A.S; Stephanie Hund, B.S.; Angeliki Apostolaki, Ph.D. Biomarkers, Immune Monitoring, and Novel Technologies Antibody;Biomarkers;Checkpoint blockade;COVID and Immunotherapy;Solid tumors;Targeted therapy;Tumor evasion
400 Poster Presentation Persistence and tissue distribution of Agent-797 – a native allogeneic iNKT cell-therapy drug product Marco Purbhoo, PhD; Burcu Yigit, PhD; Darrian Moskowitz; Min Lim; Irina Shapiro; Ayat Alsaraby; Xavier Michelet, PhD; Marc A. Van Dijk, PhD Clinical Trials In Progress Adoptive immunotherapy;Clinical trial;COVID and Immunotherapy;Leukemia/Lymphoma;NK/NKT cell;T cell lineages
443 Poster Presentation Open-label, phase 2 study to assess the safety of mogamulizumab at 2 mg/kg Q4W maintenance dosing in patients with relapsed/refractory MF/SS subtypes of CTCL Karen Dwyer, BA; Roland Meier, PhD; Matthew Hruska, PharmD, PhD; Floyd E. Fox, PhD; Takahiro Ito, MSc Clinical Trials In Progress Antibody;Clinical trial;COVID and Immunotherapy;Leukemia/Lymphoma;T cell;Targeted therapy
625 Oral Presentation COVID-19 vaccination in patients with renal cancer or melanoma receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors Joyce K. Hwang, MD PhD; Hannah E. Dzimitrowicz, MD; Riddhishkumar Shah, MD PhD; Kathleen Ashcraft, PhD; Daniel J. George, MD; April Salama, MD; Tian Zhang, MD COVID and Immunotherapy Checkpoint blockade;COVID and Immunotherapy;Vaccine
626 Oral Presentation Dissecting the spatial heterogeneity of SARS-CoV-2-infected tumour microenvironment reveals a lymphocyte-dominant immune response in a HBV-associated HCC patient with COVID-19 history Benedict Tan, PhD; Yi Yang, PhD; Chun Chau Lawrence Cheung, MMedSc; Denise Goh, BBiomedSc (Hons); Mai Chan Lau, PhD; Xinru Lim; Jeffrey C. Lim; Li Wen Justina Nadia Lee; Tracy Z. Tien; Shirin Kalimuddin; Wai Meng David Tai; Jenny G. Low; Cedric Chuan Young Ng; Wei Qiang Leow; Thuan Tong Tan; Tony KH. Lim; Jin Liu; Joe P. Yeong, MD, PhD COVID and Immunotherapy B cell;Bioinformatics;COVID and Immunotherapy;Gene expression;Immune contexture;NK/NKT cell;RNA;T cell;Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs);Tumor microenvironment
701 Poster Presentation Activating CD73 on B cells as a target for immunotherapy of COVID-19 and viral associated cancers: Clinical activity in human papilloma virus positive (HPV) head and neck squamous cell cancers (HNSCC) Jason J. Luke; Jaime R. Merchan, MD; Brett GM. Hughes, MD; Jeffrey A. Sosman, MD; Abhishek Tripathi, MD; Igor Puzanov, MD, MSCI; Thomas U. Marron, MD, PhD; Kristen A. Marrone, MD; Craig M. Hill, PhD; James Janc, PhD; Jenny Rudnick, BS, PhD; Shenshen Hu, PhD; Mehrdad Mobasher, MD, MPH; Suresh Mahabhashyam, MD, MPH; Richard A. Miller, MD Immune-stimulants and immune modulators Antibody;B cell;Clinical study;Clinical trial;COVID and Immunotherapy;Tumor antigens
750 Poster Presentation AK119, A CD73 Targeting Antibody with Dual Mechanism of Action Zhaoliang Huang, BSc; Xinghua Pang, BSc; Tingting Zhong, MS; Chunshan Jin; na chen, MD; Xinrong He; Dennis Xia, Ph.D; Xiaoping Jin, PhD; Zhongmin Wang; Xu Xia; Baiyong Li, Ph.D Immune-stimulants and immune modulators Antibody;B cell;COVID and Immunotherapy;Immune suppression;T cell
896 Poster Presentation Fighting the war against COVID-19: administration of Bamlanivimab (BAM) or Bamlanivimab + Etesivimab (BAM + E); a cooperative effort between a community cancer center and an urgent care (UC) facility Patrick J. Skeffington, PharmD; Robert Aisenberg, MD; janice Dallacosta, RN, BSN; Ian Donaghy, RN; Dani Hackner, MD; Kelly Houde, RN, BSN; Kathy Moraes, MHA, RN, OCN; Annemarie Santos, RPh Nursing/Pharmacy COVID and Immunotherapy;Immune suppression
897 Poster Presentation Infusion episode-related benefits of pembrolizumab Q6W dosing schedule for patients with melanoma treated in the adjuvant and metastatic settings in the United States (US). Raquel A. Aguiar-Ibanez, MSc; Emilie Scherrer, MSc; Dmitri D. Grebennik; Anvi A. Khandelwal; John J. Cook; Shalini S. Bagga; Baanie B. Sawhney; Scott S. Soefje, Pharm.D., R.Ph Other Checkpoint blockade;COVID and Immunotherapy;Immune adjuvant


953 Poster Presentation Transcriptional Analysis of Leukocytes from COVID Convalescent Donors Reveals Persistent Activation of the Innate and Adaptive Immune System Mallikarjuna R. Gedda, PhD; Patrick Danaher, PhD; Lipei Saho, PhD; Martin Ongkeko, PhD; Leonard Chen, MD; Mame Thioye Sall, MS; Opal L. Reddy, MD; Christina M. Bailey, MS; Amy Wahba, PhD; Inna Dzekunova, MS; Valeria De Giorgi, PhD; Robert Somerville, PhD; Jin Ping, PhD; Kamille West, MD; Sandhya Panch, MD, MPH; David F. Stroncek, MD; Clinical Trials In Progress RNA;COVID and Immunotherapy;Antibody;Clinical study;Gene expression;Granulocyte;Immune monitoring;Inflammation;Regulatory T cell (Treg cell);T cell