SITC 2018 Abstracts

T-cell Checkpoints and Checkpoint Inhibitors

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P673Preliminary results from an ongoing phase 1 study of AB122, an anti-programmed cell death-1 (PD-1) monoclonal antibody, in patients with advanced solid tumorsPaul de Souza, MBBS, MPH, PHD, FRACP; Chee Khoon Lee; Katrin Sjoquist; Shu Pan; Amanda Idan; Aimee K. Rieger, B.S.; Wade Berry, BA; Lixia Jin; Lisa Seitz, MSc; Devika Ashok, PhD; Matthew J. Walters, PhD; Dana Piovesan, MSc; Joanne BL. Tan, PhD; Susan J. Lee, PhD; Adam Park, BS; Daniel DiRenzo, PhD; Joyson Karakunnel, MD, MScAntibody; Checkpoint blockade; Clinical study; Clinical trial; Immune suppression; Solid tumors; Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment