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Oncogenetics and Immunogenomics

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P580Genomic portraits of immune escape mechanism in cold tumoursVenkateswar R. Addala, PhD - Research Student; Futoshi Kawamata; Stephen H. Kazakoff, PhD; Pamela Mukhopadhyay; Catherine Bond; Katia Nones; Felicity Newell; Jennifer Borowsky; Scott Wood; Conrad Leonard; Qinying Xu; Matthew E Burge; Akinobu Taketomi; Toshiya Kamiyama; Barbara Leggett, MD FRACP; John Pearson; Vicki Whitehall; Ann-Marie Patch; Nic Waddell; Antigen presenting cells; Bioinformatics; Immune suppression; Monocyte/Macrophage; Neoantigens; T cell; Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment
P581Whole-genome sequencing and multi-omic analysis of immuno-oncology biomarkers using formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samplesShannon T. Bailey, PhD; Wanfeng Yu, PhD; Jim Lund, PhD; Richard T. Williams; Jeffrey R. GulcherBioinformatics; Biomarkers; Gene expression; Solid tumors; Systems biology
P582Implications of ARID1A deficiency on tumor microenvironment and immune landscape in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)Young Kwang Chae, MD; Pedro Viveiros, MD; Bhoomika Sukhadia, MD; Lee Chun Park, MD; Muhammad Mubbashir Sheikh, MBBS / MD; Jeffrey Chuang; Biomarkers; Checkpoint blockade; Gene expression; Neoantigens; Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment
P583Single cell transcriptional immune landscape of human papilloma virus positive and negative head and neck squamous cell carcinomaAnthony R. Cillo, PhD; Tullia C. Bruno, PhD; Tracy Tabib; Zengbiao Qi; Ting Wang; Umamaheswar Duvvuri; Ryan Soose, MD; Wei Chen; Robert Lafyatis; Robert Ferris; Dario A. Vignali, PhDBioinformatics; Gene expression; Solid tumors; Systems biology; Tumor microenvironment
P584High DNA repair activity is associated with immune exclusion in pediatric kidney cancersEmily Higgs, BA; Ami V. Desai, MD; Riyue Bao, PhD; Thomas F. Gajewski, MD, PhD; Bioinformatics; Gene expression; Immune suppression; Pediatric tumors; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor microenvironment
P585Structured literature review and meta-analyses of the prevalence of microsatellite instability high (MSI-H) and deficient mismatch repair (dMMR) in endometrial and ovarian cancersMaria Lorenzi; Mayur Amonkar, PhD; Jacky Zhang; Shivani Mehta; Kai-Li LiawEpidemiology; Solid tumors; Targeted therapy
P586Frameshift indel selectively correlates with immunotherapy outcome for advanced NSCLCWungki Park, MD; Lee Chun Park, MD; Vaia Florou, MD; Diana Saravia, MD; Sangmin Chang, MD; Si Wang, M.D.; Lauren Chiec; Ashkon Rahbari; Pedro Viveiros, MD; Bhoomika Sukhadia, MD; Muhammad Mubbashir Sheikh, MBBS / MD; Nisha Mohindra; Victoria Villaflor, MD; Gilberto Lopes, MD, MBA; Young Kwang Chae, MD;Antigen presenting cells; Bioinformatics; Biomarkers; Checkpoint blockade; Clinical study; Neoantigens; Solid tumors
P587Conditional activation of immune-related pathways and prognostic significance: a pan cancer analysisJessica Roelands; Michele Ceccarelli; Darawan Rinchai, PhD; Sara Pai, MD, PhD; Francesco M. Marincola, MD; Lance D. Miller, MS, PhD; Peter Kuppen; Davide Bedognetti, MD, PhD; Wouter R. Hendrickx, PhDBioinformatics; Gene expression; Immune contexture; Immune suppression; Immune tolerance; Neoantigens; Systems biology; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment
P588Deep learning of the immune synapseJohn-William Sidhom, MSE; Drew M. Pardoll, MD, PhD; Alexander Baras; Antigen presenting cells; Biomarkers; Immune monitoring; Neoantigens; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor antigens; Tumor microenvironment
P589Endogenous oncogene mutation-specific T cell responses in patients with clinical response to PD-1 blockadeKellie N. Smith, PhD; Nicolas J. Llosa, MD; Valsamo Anagnostou, MD PhD; Hok Yee N. Chan, MS; Jiajia Zhang, MD, MPH; Haidan N. Guo, BS, BA; Tricia Cottrell, MD, PhD; Jarushka Naidoo, MD; Kristen Marrone, MD; Janis M. Taube, MD, MSC; Victor E. Velculescu, MD, PhD; Julie R. Brahmer, MD; Patrick Forde, MD; Drew M. Pardoll, MD, PhD; Franck Housseau, PhDNeoantigens; Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor antigens
P590Evaluation of whole exome sequencing for quantitative immune cell type deconvolution in tumor for clinical application in oncologyAlex So, PhD; Joyee Yao, BA; Aaron Wise, PhD; Kevin Wu; Kristina Kruglyak, PhD; Sven Biike; Traci Pawlowski, PhD; Shile Zhang, PhDB cell; Biomarkers; Checkpoint blockade; Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor antigens; Tumor microenvironment
P591Somatic alterations in PD-L1 predict response to platinum-based chemotherapy in patients with advanced prostate cancerPanagiotis J. Vlachostergios, MD, PhD; Aileen Lee; Charlene Thomas; Priyanka Patel; Amy L. Hackett; Naureen Rashid; Ana M. Molina, MD; David M. Nanus, MD; Himisha Beltran, MD; Scott T. Tagawa, MD, MS; Panagiotis J. Vlachostergios, MD, PhDBioinformatics; Biomarkers; Chemotherapy; Clinical study; Gene expression; Solid tumors
P592Clonality of tumor infiltrating and peri-tumoral lymphocytes in colorectal cancers with high-microsatellite instabilityPamela M. Ward, PhD; Mihaela Campan, PhD; Katherine A. Scribner, DO; Ashley S. Hagiya, MD; Cristina Costales, MD; Michael Bask, BS; Tiffany I. Long, BS; Afsaneh Barzi, MD; Jonas Pettersson, PhD; Louis Dubeau, MD PhDImmune contexture; Immunoscore; Solid tumors; T cell; Targeted therapy; Tumor microenvironment; Tumor stroma
P593Robust TMB values calculated from tumor-only material show correlation and precision with paired resultsVictor J. Weigman, Jr.; Natalie Mola, MSBioinformatics; Clinical trial; Tumor antigens; Tumor evasion
P594Dynamic analysis and visualization of the interactions between tumor and the immune cell infiltration by integrating TCGA genomic- and transcriptional- dataMingchao Xie, PhD; Bolan Linghu; Pei Zhang, PhD; Zhongwu Lai, PhD; Jonathan Dry; Benjamin SiddersBioinformatics; Biomarkers; Gene expression; Immune contexture; Solid tumors; Systems biology; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor microenvironment
P595Smoking and KRAS mutation status in lung adenocarcinomas are associated with distinct favorable immune cell contexture in the tumor microenvironmentYuanquan Yang, MD, PhD; Qiang Hu, MD, PhD; Song Liu; Maya Khalil, MD; Grace K. Dy; Bioinformatics; Immune contexture; Tumor microenvironment
P596Immune gene expression characterization of genomic subsets of metastatic non-squamous non-small cell lung cancerEdwin Yau, MD, PhD; Sarabjot Pabla, MSc, PhD, BS; Sean T. Glenn, PhD; Antonios Papanicolau-Sengos, MD; Jason Zhu, MD; Matthew K. Labriola, MD; Tian Zhang, MD; Jeffrey M. Clarke, MD; Carl D. Morrison, MD, DVM; Grace K. Dy; Edwin Yau, MD, PhD; Edwin Yau, MD, PhD; Biomarkers; Checkpoint blockade; Gene expression; Immune contexture; Targeted therapy