SITC 2018 Abstracts

Micro-RNA, Epigenetics and Tumor/Immune-cell Signaling Pathways in Anti-Tumor Immunity

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P576Evaluating the importance of inhibiting HDAC6 in metastatic breast cancer to enhance the efficacy of immunotherapyDebarati Banik, PhD; Erica Palmer, BS; Melissa Beaty, MS; Satish R. Noonepalle, PhD; Maria MG. Hernendez, BS; Prathima Vembu, MS; Alejandro Villagra, PhDCheckpoint blockade; Chemokine; Cytokine; Monocyte/Macrophage; Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment
P577Activation of GSK3-beta in the melanoma tumor microenvironment renders dendritic cells refractory to immune suppression and induces T cell activation and oncolysisMarta Lopez Gonzalez, Msc.; Rieneke van de Ven, PhD; Anita Stam; Wen Dong; Victor W. van Beusechem; Tanja D. de Gruijl, PhDAntigen presenting cells; Dendritic cell; Immune contexture; Immune suppression; Monocyte/Macrophage; Myeloid cells; Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment
P578Application of multiplexed immunofluorescence and multispectral imaging to investigate TGFβ pathway activation of immune cell populations in human lung cancerCarmen Ballesteros Merino, PhD; Shawn M. Jensen, PhD; Bernard A. Fox, PhD; Sebastian Marwitz; Sebastian Marwitz; Biomarkers; Carcinogenesis; Immune contexture; Inflammation; NK/NK T cell; Solid tumors; T cell; T cell lineages; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment; Tumor stroma
P579The leukocyte chemoattractant chemerin modulates PTEN and PD-L1 expression and activity via CMKLR1 in human tumorsRussell Pachynski, MD; Keith R. Rennier, PhD; Gurpal Virdi, BS; Woo Jae Shin, BA; Antibody; Biomarkers; Checkpoint blockade; Chemokine; Gene expression; Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment
O42LSD1 inhibition promotes CD141Hi dendritic cell differentiation in myelodysplastic syndromesPragya Srivastava, PhD; Kyle Wiatrowski, BS; Prashant Singh, PhD; Eduardo Cortes Gomez, MS; Jianmin Wang, PhD; Miranda Lynch, PhD; Sheila Sait, PhD; Laurie Ann Ford, BS; Brandon Martens, BS; Linda Lutgen-Dunckley, BS; Elizabeth Griffiths, MD; Michael J. Nemeth, PhD; Stephanie Tzetzo, MA; Scott I. Abrams, PhD; Dendritic cell; Leukemia/Lymphoma