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Co-Stimulatory Ligand-Receptor Interactions

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P397Ectopic Tim-3 expression on T regulatory cells leads to lymphoproliferation and T cell activation.Hridesh Banerjee; Héctor M. Nieves-Rosado; Lawrence P. Kane, Ph.D.Autoimmunity; B cell; Biomarkers; CAR T cells; Checkpoint blockade; Chemokine; Clinical trial; Coinhibition; Costimulation; Cytokine; Epidemiology; Gene expression; Immune adjuvant; Immune monitoring; Immune suppression; Immune tolerance; Immune toxicity; Inflammation; Metabolism; Regulatory T cell (Treg cell); Solid tumors; T cell; T cell lineages; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor antigens; Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment; Tumor stroma
P398Activation of the T Cell costimulatory protein CD137 using multivalent bicyclic peptidesKristen Hurov; Punit Upadhyaya; Jessica Kublin; Xueyuan Zhou; Julia Kristensson; Rachid Lani; Gemma Mudd; Katerine van Rietschoten; W. Frank An; Johanna Lahdenranta; Liuhong Chen; Gavin Bennett; Kevin McDonnell; Nicholas Keen; Peter U. Park, PhD; Antibody; Costimulation; Cytokine; NK/NK T cell; T cell
P399Induction of tumor-specific immune responses and modulation of the tumor micro-environment by TLR9 agonist lefitolimod in murine syngeneic tumor modelsKerstin Kapp, PhD; Barbara Volz; Detlef Oswald; Burghardt Wittig, MD, PhD; Manuel Schmidt, MScSolid tumors; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); TLR; Tumor antigens; Tumor microenvironment
P400Tumor-localizing NKp30/ICOSL vIgD fusion proteins direct effective dual CD28/ICOS T cell costimulation to B7-H6+ tumor cells in vitro and tumors in vivoSteven D. Levin, PhD; Lawrence Evans, BS; Erika Rickel; Katherine E. Lewis, PhD; Daniel Demonte; Martin Wolfson, BS; Stacey R. Dillon, PhD; Ryan Swanson, BS; Kristine M. Swiderek, PhD; Stanford L. Peng, MD, PhD; Antigen presenting cells; Costimulation; Immune contexture; Inflammation; T cell; Targeted therapy; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor antigens
P401Blockade of T cell immunoreceptor with Ig and ITIM domains (TIGIT) leads to increased proliferation of bone marrow T cells from patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML)Yoko Kosaka, PhD; Adam Lamble, MD; Fei Huang, PhD; Evan F. Lind, PhDCheckpoint blockade; Immune contexture; Immune suppression; Leukemia/Lymphoma; Myeloid cells; T cell; Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment
P402DuoBody-CD40x41BB conditionally enhances immune activation by crosslinking of CD40- and 4-1BB positive cellsAlexander Muik, PhD; Friederike Gieseke; Isil Altintas, PhD; Saskia Burm; Mustafa Diken; Christian Grunwitz; Sebastian Kreiter; David Satijn, PhD; Danita Schuurhuis; Ozlem Tureci; Ugur Sahin; Esther Breij, PhDAntibody; Antigen presenting cells; Costimulation; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)
P403Preliminary results from a first-in-human phase 1 study of the CD40 agonist monoclonal antibody (mAb) CDX-1140Rachel E. Sanborn, MD; Michael S. Gordon, MD; Mark O'Hara, MD; Nina Bhardwaj, MD, PhD; Yi He, PhD; Tracey Rawls; Tibor Keler, PhD; Michael Yellin, MDAntibody; Antigen presenting cells; Clinical trial; Dendritic cell; Immune monitoring
P404The discovery and characterization of PTZ-522 (ASP1951), a fully-human, high affinity agonistic anti-GITR tetravalent monospecific monoclonal antibodyCynthia Seidel-Dugan, PhD; Sonja Kleffel; Heather Brodkin; Sandra Abbott; Daniel Hicklin; Nels Nielson; Christopher Nirschl; Rebekah O'Donnell; Andreas Salmeron; Philipp Steiner, PhD; Christopher Thomas; William Winston; Cynthia Seidel-Dugan, PhDAntibody; Costimulation; Regulatory T cell (Treg cell); Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor evasion; Tumor microenvironment
P405Agonistic IgM antibodies targeting immunostimulatory TNFRSF family members GITR and OX40 enhance immune responses beyond that of IgGsAngus M. Sinclair, PhD; Dalya Rosner, PhD; Beatrice Wang; Tasnim Kothambawala; Ling Wang; Susan Calhoun; Avneesh Salini; Sachi Rahman; RAMESH BALIGA, PhD; Bruce KeytAntibody; Costimulation; Cytokine; Regulatory T cell (Treg cell); T cell; T cell lineages; Targeted therapy
P406ALPN-202, a combined PD-L1/CTLA-4 antagonist and PD-L1-dependent CD28 T cell costimulator, elicits potent intratumoral T cell immunity superior to and differentiated from PD-L1 inhibitor monotherapyRyan Swanson, BS; Mark Maurer, BS; Chris Navas, BS; Chelsea J. Gudgeon, BS; Katherine E. Lewis, PhD; Martin Wolfson, BS; Sherri Mudri, BS; Kayla N. Susmilch, MS; Joe Kuijper; Stacey R. Dillon, PhD; Steven D. Levin, PhD; Kristine M. Swiderek, PhD; Stanford L. Peng, MD, PhDAntigen presenting cells; Checkpoint blockade; Coinhibition; Costimulation; Dendritic cell; Gene expression; Inflammation; Monocyte/Macrophage; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)
P407CTX-471, a novel agonistic antibody targeting CD137, eradicates very large tumors in vivo by selectively reprogramming the tumor microenvironment without causing hepatic toxicityUgur Eskiocak, PhD; Wilson Guzman, BS; Nora Zizlsperger, PhD; Benjamin Wolf; Christine Cummings; Thomas Daly; Puru Nanjappa, M.Sc; Lauren Milling; Xianzhe Wang; Lucy Liu; Samantha Ottinger; Jason Lajoie; Michael Schmidt; Robert Tighe, BS; Antibody; Biomarkers; Costimulation; Immune toxicity; NK/NK T cell; Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor microenvironment
P408Preclinical identification of the pharmacologically active dose range of the tumor targeted 4-1BB agonist MP0310 based on tumor regression, receptor occupancy and CD8 T lymphocyte expansionElmar Vom Baur, PhD, MBA, MEng; Ivana Tosevski, PhD; Laurent Juglair, MSc; Alexander Link, PhD; Guy Lemaillet; Heïdi Poulet; Christian Reichen, PhD; Patricia Schildknecht, MSc; Joanna Taylor, MSc; Alexander Titz, MSc; Waleed Ali; Doris Schaible; Mirela Matzner; Christof Zitt, PhD; Jörg Herbst, PhD, DABT; Keith Dawson, PhD; Julia Hepp, PhD; Dan Snell, PhD; Michael T. Stumpp, PhD; Victor Levitsky, MD PhD; Hong Ji, MD, PhD; Ivana Tosevski, PhDBiomarkers; Clinical study; Clinical trial; Costimulation; Immune monitoring; Solid tumors; T cell; Targeted therapy; Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs); Tumor microenvironment
P409Pharmacodynamic activity of MEDI1873, a Glucocorticoid-Induced tumor necrosis factor family-related protein (GITR) agonist molecule, administered intravenously to patients with advanced solid tumorsNicholas M. Durham, PhD; Nathan Standifer, PhD; Jennifer Cann, PhD; Christopher A. Morehouse, MD; Li Yan; Kristina Kovacina; Xu Liu; Jia Li; Yuling Wu; Katie Streicher, PhD; Paolo Vicini; Ayesh Perera; Rakesh Kumar, PhD; Raid Aljumaily, MD; Aung Naing, MD, FACP; Ashish Chintakuntlawar, MBBS, PhD; Naiyer A. Rizvi, MD; Helen Ross, MD; Michael S. Gordon, MD; Jeffrey Infante; Crystal Denlinger; Ani Balmanoukian, MD; Clinical trial; Costimulation; Cytokine; Regulatory T cell (Treg cell); Solid tumors; T cell; Tumor microenvironment
O29Immuno-oncology tHERApy with HERA-GITRL: the novel hexavalent human GITR agonist activates T cells and promotes anti-tumor efficacy independent of Fc-functionalityViola Marschall, PhD; Meinolf Thiemann; Jaromir Sykora; David M. Richards; Christian Merz; Julian P. Sefrin; Karl Heinonen; Matthias Schroeder; Mauricio Redondo Müller; Oliver Hill; Christian GieffersAntibody; Costimulation; Regulatory T cell (Treg cell); T cell